Don't Step in the Entremanure!
Tiptoe Your Way to Entrepreneurial Success
    William H. Matthews Ph.D.   
  • Don’t Step in the Entremanure is a “how to” book for entrepreneurs and new business start-ups, as well as for those who have been operating for a long time.


    If you’re planning to start a new business, Don’t Step in the Entremanure can provide business advice to help you identify the steps to take, and the pitfalls to avoid.  If you are already operating your own enterprise, and you feel you’ve lost control of your business, Don’t Step in the Entremanure can help you regain control. It’s simply a compilation of the most common mistakes that business owners make, and how to avoid or correct business mistakes.


    Recognizing that many business owners don’t have the time to read books or attend classes, Don’t Step in the Entremanure is brief (about 100 pages), with each chapter presented in a simple format consisting of :


    - A lesson

    - An example

    - A business checklist to help you avoid stepping in entremanure, or to recognize when you’ve already done it


    It’s a reference book that will provide consulting advice for business owners at any stage of business.  It includes topics like:


    - Making certain you have enough money to start a business, or to sustain it

    - How to hire the very best people available (and what happens if you don’t)

    - Recognizing when your company might be outgrowing the skills of your employees

    - Focusing on training and developing employees to help them keep-up with company growth

    - The need to communicate your Vision clearly, and regularly, to your employees

    - Developing a succession plan to sustain your business

    - The importance of making tough personnel decisions now, not later

    - Recognizing possible pitfalls of having family members and friends in the business

    - Treating employees fairly, including those who don’t have the same last name that you have

    - Running your business with an on-going planning process

    - Maintaining up-to-date job descriptions, performance appraisals, and an organizational chart

    - Holding employees accountable, including specific performance standards/metrics for each person

    - Creating and maintaining an objective, highly-qualified outside board that will challenge and help you


    Don’t Step in the Entremanure was written by William H. Matthews, Ph.D. Bill has served as a consultant to hundreds of privately-held businesses, and was invited by Clay Mathile (former owner of The Iams Company) to help create Aileron in 1996.  Clay wrote the Foreward to Don’t Step in the Entremanure.


    Located on a 114-acre campus near Dayton, Ohio, Aileron is a not-for-profit entity whose focus is the implementation of professional management systems in privately-owned businesses, and has been featured in Forbes Magazine and on The Fox Business Network.  For more information regarding Aileron, visit

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